Cubicle & Office Furniture Installation & Reconfigurations

Modular furniture is really just a “kit of parts”, intended to be installed, then reconfigured over and over as your needs evolve. This can be a pretty complex process. There are electrical, phone, and data considerations, move coordination, and you certainly can’t afford to have employees displaced for an extended period of time. We’ll make sure you understand the process and are comfortable with everything before one piece of furniture is installed or reconfigured. 

Furniture moves, adds, and changes (MACs) are our specialty. With our comprehensive MAC services, consider us your “Change Agents”!

For expert modular office furniture installation and reconfiguration throughout the Las Vegas and Phoenix areas, rely on Glide Installations, an experienced service provider that’s licensed, bonded, and insured.

Every client is different and has particular needs that are reflected in the design schematic. The beauty of working with a company that has a wealth of experience in office furniture installation is that we can provide tips and tricks when challenges arise in order to get the results that conform most closely to the client’s expectations.

Expert Cubicle Installations

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In Nevada, contractors must be licensed to install modular office equipment — it’s the law. Glide Installations is the only contractor in southern Nevada that is licensed and bonded that also specializes in these types of installations. Our reputation and our achievements are what make us the office furniture assemblers that our clients count on.

As a modular furniture dealer, you know that one reason modular workstations are so attractive to companies is that while they are separate, distinct and provide workers with privacy as well as their own personal space, they do not require the type of heavy, permanent construction that building entirely new offices would. This type of construction saves clients money and time, and it looks cohesive and professional.

When you sell a modular furniture system, you can rely on Glide Installations for expert setup services, regardless of the type of space the company occupies and their vision for it.

Efficient Office Reconfigurations

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Once a company has invested in modular office furniture, they can rest easy knowing that as their needs change, so can their furniture’s configuration, because adaptable custom workstations are so easy to manipulate.

Glide Installations technicians are adept at taking apart modular furniture sets and reassembling them to suit the customers’ needs. Frequently, this involves adding in new pieces of equipment to get the desired result.

The skill this type of job takes is not to be underestimated. This is not a poäng from Ikea, a Star Wars Lego set or a ship in a bottle (although we know these can all be challenging as well). Reconfiguring modular office furniture is not just exacting work, it’s heavy-duty. Each modular workstation has to look perfect when we’re finished, and it has to perform exactly to specifications. We make sure it does.

Further, we also offer repair and maintenance services to clients post-installation. If customers need a desk raised, the arm of a chair fixed or drawer rollers lubricated, our technicians work with them to get these repair and maintenance jobs done in a timely fashion.

Glide Installations: Your Partner in Office Space Solutions

Whether your clients need entirely new cubicle installations or they want to reconfigure or add to their current setup, rely on the team at Glide Installations, serving customers throughout the Las Vegas and Phoenix areas. Call us today to learn more about our installation and reconfiguration solutions.