Glide Installations knows that your Las Vegas company wants only the best when choosing office movers or modular office furniture installers. If your company has cubicle installation or furniture needs in Las Vegas, Glide provides the moving solutions you’re looking for.

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Modular Office Furniture


When conducting business in a booming area such as Las Vegas, you want to focus on making your company a Las Vegas mainstay, not on arranging your office furniture in a way that makes the best use of space.

Modular office furniture is the solution because it adapts to your needs as they evolve. Consisting of components that can be rearranged in practically infinite combinations, this type of furniture is the ultimate in flexibility. Modular furniture can include anything you need in a typical office, including desks, chairs, bookcases, filing cabinets, shelving, bins, conference tables, and more.

Custom Office Cubicles

There are many reasons that modular office furniture might be the best fit for your Las Vegas workstations. The most obvious is that it is adaptable furniture that can fit almost any need. Whether you have an oddly spaced room, a changing number of employees, or varying needs for storage solutions, modular workstations are the most customizable option when choosing office furniture. 

Businesses — especially those that serve the public — often want a unified-looking office space. Las Vegas is a beautiful city, and you don’t want your office to stand out for not being up to par.

Modular office furniture is easy to get in large quantities without the need to worry about whether your office space will ultimately look cohesive. If you need to get more furniture down the road, you will not have to worry about whether the furniture company will have the same color or style that you already have.

With modular workstations, a high-quality, cohesive-looking office environment is a guarantee!

Cubicle Installation

Las Vegas is a city that is constantly changing, and you want your office to be able to keep up. With cubicles, you can assure that your workers have a private space to do their work without worrying about permanently changing your office.

Glide Installations can install your cubicles with expertise and efficiency. There are no other licensed and bonded companies in all of southern Nevada that specialize in modular interior installations. This means that with Glide Installations, you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Office Moving Throughout Las Vegas

If you need an office moved in Las Vegas, Glide Installations is the place to call. We have a commitment to helping your company move smoothly, without any worries. Our office movers focus on the details and on helping you complete your move as efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

Contact us for all your commercial moving needs in Las Vegas.