When you need to move or reconfigure your office, you have many options. But there’s no company in Phoenix with more expertise in modular office furniture installation and office moving than Glide Installations.

We provide relocation, reconfiguration, repair, maintenance, and storage solutions — including movable walls — for business throughout the Phoenix area.

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Modular Office Furniture

Phoenix is a busy city, and you need to focus on growing your business, not on arranging office furniture. That’s why so many businesses choose modular office furniture. When you’re running a business, choosing to go with modular workstations lets you focus on making your company the very best it can be, rather than spending time having to look all over Phoenix for furniture.

Modular furniture is adaptable furniture intended to be installed and reconfigured as your needs change. It’s made up of many interchangeable parts so that it can be easily moved around as necessary. Choosing this option over stationary furniture saves your business time and money. Modular furniture can help create your dream office space, wherever in Phoenix you may be.

Moreover, modular office furniture has many features that could make it the right fit for your workstations. Perhaps the most important is its adaptability. For instance, if you need a specific number of cabinets, if your office space is oddly shaped, or if you need lots of room for equipment, modular office furniture is built to accommodate.

Additionally, if you’re trying to achieve a unified aesthetic, this type of furniture is the best choice. Phoenix is a beautiful city, and your office shouldn’t stand out for the wrong reasons. When you opt to go with modular office furniture, you are guaranteeing your office will be cohesive. Plus, as your company expands in the future, you will not have to worry about finding new furniture to match what you have. With modular workstations, you will always have an attractive and welcoming office environment!

Office Moving in Phoenix

When your office needs to move locations in Phoenix, Glide Installation is the company to call. We have years of experience as office movers, and we know how to get the job done without hiccups. Our office movers have a commitment to being detail-oriented and to alleviating as much of your stress as possible.

We know that your goal in moving is to limit interruptions to businesses as much as possible, so we offer storage services as well. If the construction of your new site is running behind, or if you have scheduled your move in stages, you don’t have to wonder where you will put all of your furniture in the meantime. We complete your move on your timetable.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you move your Phoenix office, maximize space or simply make your office more attractive and functional, call us to speak to one of our experts today. We make everyone’s work easier.